Most Hunted Graduate Scholarships, Prepare Yourself!


There is no room for argument when it comes to the value of education, as the key to elevate the quality of human life. As the quality of current lifestyles improves, humans do get more reliant on technologies and social development. To enhance the quality of human resources, it is not simply by learning through life experiences – structured education is urgent. Most Hunted Graduate Scholarships, Prepare Yourself!

The world is currently in a volatility. The industries are demanding qualified resources with high capability to adapt and create breakthroughs, not only some people that come with education certificates in their hands. The society is needing leaders that can offer a great deal of change toward betterment – the innovators that can develop employment. The business sectors are struggling to hoist the national economy. Everything has its demands, everything has its structure. To fulfill these demands means to minimize the gaps of the society, and the most capable method is through Higher Education.

Instead of stopping at a certain education level, people should start reconsidering to elevate their education quality in order to elevate their living qualities. This is actually a great chance to pursue. Moreover, various scholarship opportunities are available for anyone. Through this, people can get access to further their education level, gain more experiences, and sharpen their lifeskills. Here are five most-hunted scholarships, which are worth considering.

 1.    Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan – LPDP)

First Most Hunted Graduate Scholarships LPDP is an organization that works under the Ministry of Finance. Founded in 2011, it serves as the provider of Higher Education scholarship funding. Starting this year, the organization is extending its scholarship schemes through cross-sector cooperation, not only for the graduate and doctoral degrees but also the undergraduate and non-degree schemes are available. Thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture that now Indonesian students can map their future education through six pathways they can choose to leverage their education either domestic or abroad. In general, the scholarships are provided based on the quota system for targeted groups (civil servants, army forces and police, santri, frontier regions, cultural actors, education practitioners, and outstanding students), in addition to regular groups. LPDP regularly opens enrollment twice a year. Interested participants can take a look at

 2.    Australia Awards (AAS)

AAS, which was founded in 1950, is managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID). It offers both short-term and long-term courses. The organization has served more than 9,000 Indonesian students in pursuing their education at the world-class universities throughout Australia. Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, AAS is currently prioritizing its scholarship schemes for targeted fields of studies, covering the health security, stability, and economic recovery sectors. More information about this scholarship, applicants can refer to

 3.    Erasmus+

Introduced in 2004, the scholarship is the extension of the previous program Erasmus Mundus to support education, training, as well as youth and sports programs. The awardees of Erasmus+ can get a huge opportunity to explore their studies in numerous Higher Education institutions in Europe, including the University of London, Politecnico Di Milano, Technische Universit ät Dortmund, Universidade do Porto, University of Limerick, University of Oradea, and Frederick University. To start exploration about this scholarship, go to

     4.    Chevening

Studying in the United Kingdom may offer a big deal since students can gain more intensive learning pathways and a shorter education period. If normally people need two years to obtain their master degree, that will make a different story in the UK since the students are only given a year to finish their courses. Chevening scholarship is specially provided for the applicants who are interested in gaining their graduate degree from the UK. The scholarship focuses on its impacts to raise changemakers, as an attempt to tackle global and local challenges and create ideas to make a better world. It mainly highlights certain areas of impacts, including climate change mitigation, equality, and leadership skills.  Since 1983, Chevening has raised more than 50,0000 leaders globally. More highlights about this scholarship are available at

 5.    Fullbright

Other Most Hunted Graduate Scholarships is Fullbright. This is one of the most well-known scholarship providers managed by the United States government through the American-Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF). The scholarship was firstly established in 1946 under the legislation introduced by Senator J. William Fullbright, whose life experience regarding culture shock had encouraged him to call people to be hand-in-hand in creating peace through mutual respect, traditions, cultures, and humanity values. More than 300,000 students have been part of Fullbright, among them are Nobel prize winners. Further information about Fullbright scholarship is accessible at

It requires one’s commitment to deal with the higher stage of education. The availability of various scholarships has made it easy and provided the awardees with extra benefits. They will only need to take care of their academic matters since those scholarships offer fully funding schemes, ranging from living allowance, transportation, accommodation, healthcare, family allowance, books, and many more.

Here are a number of administrative documents applicants should carefully prepare when attempting to apply:

  1. English language proficiency scores, such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or PTE. Respective scholarship providers issue different requirements of English proficiency scores. Several scholarships demand at least B1 of English proficiency level. However, applicants should also be informed of the minimum requirements from respective universities, which generally are higher than those from the funders. Taking an official English proficiency exam will cost money and consume time. Some scholarships provide fee support for this, while some others do not. The applicants are advised to take additional courses and prepare themselves by referring to various test sources in order to get the best score possible.
  2. Motivation letter that mainly highlights the applicants’ reasons to take part in a particular scholarship. The letter will be the instrument for the examiners to consider the relevance between the applicants’ backgrounds with their target of studies and to assess the applicants’ commitment in implementing their future contributions after graduating.
  3. Study plan that describes the activities the applicants will get involved in during their study period. The activities consist of intra- and extracurriculars.
  4. Recommendation letter either from previous lecturers or professors that assisted the applicants’ research and monitored their academic performance or from company employers.
  5. Academic transcripts in the original version and translated version. This is important that the translated document should be issued by a sworn translator.
  6. Other documents may be expected. Applicants are encouraged to take a look at the relevant websites of the scholarship providers.

To support the high demands of scholarship applicants in providing well-structured administrative documents, Linguwiz offers sworn translation services for the applicants’ academic transcripts, in addition to regular translation for additional documents, such as study plans and motivation letters. Linguwiz is a credible agency that performs in accordance with the efficiency of cost and accountability of quality. For more information about our service, please refer to contact us option or reach our Project Manager, Asti Wijayati through WhatsApp +6281353307579.



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