Sworn, Legal and Judicial Translation Services: Why Matters?

The significance of translation in our daily life is extensively multidimensional, which is not only to pave the way forward for global interaction, but also to forge interactive relationships when it comes to making advancements in technology, politics, and other sectors. – Sworn, Legal and Judicial Translation Services.

Quality language translation aims to bridge the communication gap by helping certain parties in reaching a multivariate global audience by talking in a language their clients can understand and relate to. Whether it is a traditional brick and mortar businesses or an emerging online venture, translation services coupled with the rising online population offers a lucrative market. That’s the reason why people have woken up to quality translation and its importance in this era of globalization.

Sworn, Legal and Judicial Translation Services

Translation is necessary for the spread of information, knowledge, and ideas. It is absolutely necessary for effective and empathetic communication between different cultures. It is also the only medium through which people come to know different works that expand their knowledge.

As the world is opening up its border, more and more parties are likely to hire translation agents to meet the communication demands for various types of documents. In this coverage, translation services are thriving as the reinforcements that enlarge the opportunity to establish multi-party relationships.

Sworn translation, perhaps, is the most common to hear. We also often interchange this type of translation service with another, such as legal translation. Yet, both of these types signify different purposes in translation industry. Another type of translation service is judicial translation, which is even more rarely to hear.

If you are looking for translation services for your urgent, crucial, and even confidential documents, let us tell you a good news: YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH for visiting Linguwiz. Collaborating with experts in their relevant fields, Linguwiz offers you accurate and efficient translation services. But, which service should you hire among those three that matches well with your necessity? Worry not. We are here to explain.

Sworn Translation Service

This type of translation service is also known as accredited or certified translation. It is highly suggested for sensitive contents that require the signature, stamp or seal of an authorized translator. In this case, the translator also acts as a notary. A sworn translation is obliged to refer to the original document’s specific formats to be considered an official document.

The main requirements for a sworn translation service include accuracy, confidentiality, and formality according to the law. It is much more like any other court proceedings, in which the translator should previously have declared the oath, as the commitment to ensure the accuracy of the documents that he/she translates, as part of the guarantee of fairness.

Legal Translation Service

It is specialized in the coverage of textual translation, which is related to the field of law from one language to another. Be it a legislative text, agreement, manual, or even scientific article about legal themes.

A legal translator is a specific individual who is qualified to accurately translate these texts due to his/her possession of a vast technical vocabularies related to this field. In particular, a legal translator isn’t necessarily certified to do sworn translations, since he/she is merely an expert in some specific fields, as if a certain translator is specialized in either specialized in technical, scientific, financial, education, or marketing texts. Here, legal translations implies a clear stance that it is not always for legal documents.

Judicial Translation Service

It is the translation service directed for any documents, as parts of a judicial proceedings. Several types of documents that require this service consist of birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal identity documents, sentences, property deeds, and lawsuits.

Regarding this type of translation, the format and language should be settled, thus the results will be acceptable for the authorities in the targeted countries. In translating any judicial documents, a translator should ensure the legally proper dictions.

When Will You Need Any of These?

The translation agent is targeted to offer you any types of translations you are in need. In any occasion when you encounter the following specific scenarios regarding your purposes, we can tell you that you should consider contacting a certain translation service to assist you:

  • In time when you are in need of writing a specific agreement or plea in a different language from the local court’s official language.
  • In time when a witness cannot speak the language of the court but needs to present his or her evidence.
  • In time when a notarized document is required from the outer country outside the court’s territory.
  • In time when the minutes of a meeting require translation.
  • In time when a power of attorney is required by a foreign company.

Regarding the three types of translations, the main purposes to certify certain legally acceptable translation is to verify facts, in order to confirm the recognition in a certain foreign country. It also aims to make the law of a certain country applicable to foreign citizens. Documents used for formal purposes, consisting of but not limited to employment contracts, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, adoption records; and other official documents, such as diplomas and notarial papers are highly recommended to be translated by sworn translators.

Sworn, Legal and Judicial Translation Services

To sum up, you should find a sworn translator if you require a translation service for certain documents that will have legal effect. On the other hand, it is enough to hire a certain translation expert to translate any documents for your personal use that do not need to be officially presented. Regardless the types of translation services, you must prioritize the accuracy and equivalence of the translation products to clear all any doubts in the target language. In this scenario, find a highly credible service.

Linguwiz provides you with the utmost services in this branch. We guarantee an efficient performance that meet your requirements and 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Please feel free to reach our project manager Asti Wijayati through mobile +6282221963264 or email asti@linguwiz.com.

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