Indonesian to English Website Translation

>> The web has become a ubiquitous text platform with a variety of purposes. It is possible to set general goals for certain types of websites, such as selling products (e-commerce), acquiring new customers (lead generation), creating online support in the case of company websites. Multilingual websites are important for international companies, export-oriented companies, international organizations, and for any web writer targeting international readers. – Indonesian to English Website Translation

Website translation in the context of translation studies is related to a functional approach. On the basis of such a functionalist approach we can explain the website translation as

  1. new website production
  2. targeted at other linguistic and cultural communities
  3. and based on the existing website
  4. in accordance with predetermined goals.

The use of translation tools allows productive improvement in translation. A website translator must be able to use a memory translation system, a terminology management system and at least have introductory knowledge about machine translation. If the translation service provider will develop long-term relationships with clients – continually updating multilingual websites will require such long-term relationships – he must also know the tools that help in managing multilingual websites. This is a rather complicated and expensive tool that only larger service providers use to host their clients’ websites.

Project managers must plan, manage and monitor projects, make the most of available resources and produce the best quality. This can be achieved by streamlining the course of the project but also through the dissemination of quality assurance and quality management models.

Indonesian to English Website Translation

The need for multilingual websites arises from international activities, most of which are commercial in nature. Export-oriented companies and multinational companies and international organizations use their multilingual website primarily as a marketing tool, among other functions. Everyone who designs, manages or changes the website must have a basic understanding of international marketing, including e-commerce.

Some specific competencies are needed for creating multilingual Web pages: mastering technical requirements such as character sets and coding standards on the Web, as well as menu options on websites that allow users to change languages ​​on the Web. Successful web texts have several characteristics: For example, they must generate interest immediately or the surfer / reader will switch to another website / link. They must be concise to fit the computer screen and, they must meet the user’s expectations of culture and language. Cultural traditions and their influence on Web design and website cultural adaptation are new fields of study with practical impacts. Knowing such cultural differences is very important for website translators.

The web is a computer network based on several common standards, thorough knowledge of the Web and its functions must be part of the curriculum of every website translator. In addition, combining some knowledge about image processing will be needed, because graphic and image elements are subject to cultural adaptation.

Source: Website Translation: a New Training Challenge

Author: Peter Sandrini

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